Door Style

Raised panel, recessed panel, and slab styles

Cabinet Door and Drawer Styles

Details make the difference

Cabinetry door styles refer to the overlay panel, the main types being raised panel, recessed (flat), and slab (see examples below). Raised panels have a protruding frame around the edge of the door, recessed panel doors have a sunken frame, and slab doors are more streamlined with no frame around the edge.

The style of your kitchen doors will determine how it looks. When selecting your kitchen cabinet door style, choose a door that fits your personal taste and style of the kitchen (modern, minimalistic, country etc). The layout and size of your kitchen should also be considered, so that your doors complement it.  You will also want to choose the appropriate paint or stain on the doors, which will determine the durability of the cabinets (see Paint and Stains).

Our experts at Vermont Cabinetry can help you choose the right cabinetry door and drawer styles.  You may find it helpful to read our blog post “A Guide to Cabinet Doors“.

Raised Panel

Flat Panel